Monday 19 January 2015

Photo Tips: Horseshoe Bend + photos

Horseshoe Bend is a stunning location on the Colorado River located just outside Page, about a 10 minute drive to the car park and then a 20-30 minute walk over the hill to get to the viewing area on the edge of the cliff/canyon.  Make sure you are there well before sunset and bring warm clothes and a torch so you can stay till well after too as there are many great shots.

View from the top of the hill on the walk in.

There are many different viewpoints around the cliff edge.  If you want a particular one then you may need to stake your claim early. I chose to move around, going one direction while the sun was up and then back again when it dropped below the horizon.  I was looking for a single 'best' place to shoot from but I liked a lot of the angles so kept moving.

Other things to mention:
  • Don't be afraid to shot into the sun for some good old lens flare (but make sure your lens is clean)
    Look behind you!
  • If you want to see into the canyon then you will need to shoot HDR or use a grad filter
  • Bring your wide angle lens, 16mm (35mm equivalent) is not too wide
  • As always, look over your shoulder occasionally, there maybe be something amazing happening right behind you
  • Polarising filters are helpful but you may not want to cut out the reflection on the water
  • Use a tripod
  • Watch your footing!

Not HDR, shadows lifted in Lightroom.
Enfuse exposure blending (psudo HDR).
Photomatrix HDR and conversion.
Photomatrix HDR and conversion.
Enfuse exposure blending (psudo HDR).

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