Friday 2 January 2015


Selfie from Santa Monica (after a long haul flight).
Hello wide world of interwebs.

We are Jacq and Will. A little while ago, we came up with a vague plan. It grew out of the idea of a (Southern hemisphere) summer holiday to take photos in various national parks in Western USA. Then we thought – what if we just keep going? So we have both taken 6 months off from our regular employment (primary teacher and engineer) to wander around and see what there is to see.

When asked the question, ‘Where are you going?’ the easiest answer has been, ‘Everywhere!’ but that’s not terribly instructive or even terribly accurate so more specifically… we will start off by spending about 5 weeks in Western USA, concentrating on national parks and other wild and interesting places. Then we fly to Toronto, head east to the Canadian coast at Halifax, then down the coast to New York. From there we fly into Africa for three weeks of safari, ending in Johannesburg. Then we fly into Munich. That’s at the end of March and we don’t have any commitments from there until the beginning of June when we meet up with Jacq’s dad for a three week coast-to-coast walk in England. The plan for that time is to explore Europe and the UK.

We’ll be blogging as we go. Between us we cover a range of interests. Will is, among other things, into photography, particularly wildlife and landscapes, and food. Jacq, reading, writing, history, art and craft. We’ll be blogging any travel tips we think are useful, but mostly just general musings on our experiences. This blog is chiefly for friends and family to keep track of us, but of course everyone is welcome!

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