Sunday 10 May 2015

Where in the world: Blog Map!

Ok, so we are actually in Trondheim in Norway staying with friends when we started trying to figure out just how far we had driven in North America which is apparently pretty close to the distance from Melbourne to Trondheim!  That's a long way.

Anyway, that conversation got us thinking that we should have a map on the blog showing where we've been that is located in the side bar on the right (and in larger form below).  There are also links to the blogs for locations we have written so far if you want to browse geographically rather than chronologically.  To get to the blog just click on the red location pin and then on the link in the description.  The little map in the side bar is not the most usable size but you can always open it in another window using the full screen button (that looks like this - ) or use the map in this post.

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